Best Way to Track Scores for your Game

It is a simple app which helps you to track scores while you playing Spades. It also enables you to share your team scores on Social Media Platforms.

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About Our App

House Rules- Spades Edition App is the Best App for Scoring

“There are people who play cards and then there are card players!” House Rules was born out the need to be able to score a game of Spades without have to search for paper and pens…those things are NEVER in the same place at the same time! Instead of searching around and having to use the back of the envelope your power bill came in, you can use your phone. There is always a “Big Fish” story of how somebody had the best game of Spades ever or saying their team is undefeated. Well… our app allows the scores to posted online…where your reputation will live forever!

Our Mobile Application is available on both Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this app a game I play spades on ?

NO! There are plenty of great Spades games out there to play on your device. There is nothing, in my opinion, that is better than sitting at the Spades table and playing in person. This app is just to keep score and post to social media.

3. What happens if I have my own rules?

GREAT! You were more than likely going to have your own way to play anyway (no judgement) You can play whatever rules you want, we just keep the score and report to social media.

5. What happens if someone reneges?

Did they get caught? Yes…you enforce the rules and snatch those books!!! No… Oh well…watch the board!

2. Why can’t I bid a “0” (nill)??

You KNOW we don’t play like that! I bet you put raisins in the potato salad!

4. The game just ended and no one reached the target score. What happened?

1. Somebody got set twice in a row. There is no coming back from that so we instituted a mercy rule.
2. Somebody got a BOSTON!!! Game over! Turn Up!!!

6. What if I keep losing? Can I get a refund?

It was just a buck…but I would suggest either learning to play better or getting a new partner. If you lose with trying a lot of different partners…the only thing constant is you.

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